List of Community Supported Fisheries

  • The Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative was founded in 1990 to meet the needs of the local NH fishing community. The Co-op is located in Seabrook Harbor, N.H., sandwiched between Hampton Beach, N.H. and Salisbury Beach, M.A. The Co-op’s sixty plus members consist of ground-fishermen (catching cod, Pollock, haddock, flounder, etc.), lobstermen, tuna fishermen, and shrimpers. Our boats have access to some of the most productive fishing areas in the Gulf of Maine.

  • Walking Fish is a community supported fishery (CSF) that links fishermen on the coast of North Carolina to consumers in the Triangle.  It is the first CSF in the southeastern United States.

    Started with the help of Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, the Walking Fish initiative seeks to facilitate creative community-based fisheries projects that increase the viability of local communities by fostering ecological stewardship.

  • The West Coast’s first Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) program is here. This fish is caught by our fishermen; you are supporting our local fishing community. This particular CSF is one part of a fishery reform project involving The Nature Conservancy and Central Coast Salmon Enhancement.  SLO fishermen provide fresh fish from Morro Bay and Port San Luis to nearly 100 customers.

  • 2010 was our 41st year of commercial salmon fishing and the 2nd year of our Community Supported Fishery. The first of its kind in Canada, we are proud to provide the freshest and highest quality fisherman-direct salmon available, and a fair price for all.
    Your membership helps ensure that our family Otto with two nice wild salmonOtto with two nice wild salmoncan continue its fishing livelihood for another season in the face of big corporate Seine fishing, fish farms, and rising fuel prices.
    Your support shows that you value . . .

  • Penobscot East 

    The weather outside is frightful,

    But the shrimp are so delightful!

    It's shrimp time again and this winter Penobscot East Resource Center will be adding picked shrimp to its shrimp Community Supported Fishery (CSF)! Penobscot East's third annual CSF will feature both whole and picked shrimp, all locally caught by fishermen who have agreed to participate. 

  • Established in 2007, Midcoast Fishermen's Cooperative created the first Community Supported Fishery program in New England.  Port Clyde Fresh Catch seafood is harvested by the last fleet of groundfishermen between Portland, Maine and the Canadian border. The cooperative's fishermen harvest their catch using environmentally sustainable fishing methods that reduce by-catch, habitat impact and fossil-fuel consumption. Seafood orders are then custom cut to meet customer specifications in our Port Clyde-based, HAACP-certified processing facility before delivery or shipping.

  • The deadline for subscribing to the Summer season is July 11! Sign up soon to get your share of the catch.

  • Maple SugaringMaple SugaringMaine's First Combination Community Supported Agriculture and Fisheries Program

  • Lobster Shareholders Bill of Rights

  • First inland CSF! The Guiboche family bring great quality fresh and/or frozen pickerel, jackfish and/or sucker fish at decent prices from small scale fishers concerned about sustainable fishing practices.

    Visit them on Facebook.

  • Are you looking to provide your family with the freshest food possible?
    Do you care about the ori
    gin of your food and helping sustain local industry?

    If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may want to consider signing up for Eastman's Local Catch!

  • Louisiana Seafood CSF: Support Our Local Fishers during Lent

    CCFM announces a new Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) program. Sign up to get the freshest catch March 10 - April 21, 2011.

    Crescent City Supported Fisheries

  • Core Sound Seafood was started as a way to connect the fishermen of Down East Carteret County, North Carolina to a viable, local market. Most of the fishermen that make up this coastal community Core Sound SeafoodCore Sound Seafoodhave been fishing all their lives – often they can trace their fishing heritage back four or five generations.

  • The Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) is proud to feature Tanner crab from Kodiak Island as the first product offered through a pilot of our Catch of the Season Community Supported Fishery (CSF). AMCC has worked for many years with local Kodiak fishermen on protection of Tanner crab habitat around Kodiak Island. This year we realized an important victory in limiting bottom trawling to protect seafloor habitat, the Tanner crab population and the fishermen that depend on them.

  • Photo Courtesy of Shareen DavisPhoto Courtesy of Shareen Davis

    This year we are happy to extend our season and promote more offerings to our new and returning customers.  For those not familiar with the concept of a CSF - purchase of a share or shares will provide you with fresh locally caught fish from our dayboat and trap fisheries. Product available is offered on a rotating basis and dependent on species caught and locally available. All fin fish this season will be offered whole.

  • Many of us place value on knowing where our food comes fromCape Cod Hook Fishermen's CSFCape Cod Hook Fishermen's CSF, who it comes from and how it gets to us. CCCHFA’s CSF Program aims to be a more direct avenue for consumers to get the freshest, seasonal seafood available at a fair price for both subscribers and fishermen. Along the way, we hope to help shareholders further develop an understanding of the what, when, where and hows of our locally caught seafood, thus making for a more meaningful meal.

  • Wild Northern ShrimpWild Northern ShrimpCAFC's official website can be found at

    Based from America's oldest seaport, Gloucester Massachusetts, comes one of the freshest ideas in seafood, the Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC) Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

  • Discover Alaskans Own ™…a select brand of seafood for discerning customers wanting the best tasting, healthiest seafood available, now and for generations to come. When you purchase Alaskans Own ™, you are investing in the future of wild Alaskan fisheries and in the artisanal fishing communities whose caring practices are vital to ocean health.