The Blue Dragon Mussel Wagon

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Phil Gray
17 Gray Road
Harpswell, ME 04079

Featuring Local Hand-Picked Wild Mussels in Portland and Brunswick, Maine

Phil Gray has made his living from the ocean since 1976.   In those years he’s witnessed changes to the tidal environment, including the explosion of invasive species and increased seaweed and algea growth.  In response to the effects on local shellfish, Phil started to alternate what he picked.  This has been his way to improve sustainability.

For several  years rope cultured mussels dominated the market until local pallets recognized the superior flavor of wild mussels that were hand collected locally.  Phil picks mussels on Maine's midcoast by walking out to tidal beds or rowing a skiff to rocky outcroppings. The mussels are then cleaned in a tumbler so you get a beautiful food ready for your favorite recipes everytime.

  • Delicious! Download a recipe.
  • Healthy! High in protein, low in cholesterol and fat.  Rich source of Omega-3, iron, manganese, phosphorous, selenium, zinc, and vitamins C and B12.
  • More flavor than cultured mussels found in stores.
  • Less Expensive than cultured mussels and ordinarily harder to find for the consumer.
  • Support Sustainable Fishing, local fisherman, small business, and the local economy.
  • Versatile, fun to eat, stores well frozen, lasts several days in 'fridge.  
  • Fresh is best and you can't get them any fresher.
  • Purchase weekly or pre-paid shares.


Winters: Brunswick Winter market
14 Maine Street Fort Andros - Cumberland Storage Entrance
Brunswick, ME 04011
Summers: Crystal Spring Farmer's Market
277 Pleasant Hill Road Corner of Woodside Road and Pleasant Hill Road
Brunswick, ME 04011
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Local Hand-Harvested Wild Mussels

Summers: Crystal Spring Farmer's Market in Brunswick on Saturday Mornings.

Winters: Brunswick Winter Market on Saturday Mornings.

Pickup Information: 

Brunswick Winter Market
Every Saturday, 9am - 12:30pm

Crystal Spring Farmer's Market, Brunswick
Every Saturday, 8:30am - 12:30pm

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These mussels make the easiest, and one of the most delicious, dinners possible. It is less effort to throw water, herbs, and mussels into a pot and steam them open than it is to open a can of soup and heat it. I haven't yet tried the recipe Phil provides [I will]. I just put some oregano, parsley, thyme, salt, and pepper in a pot with an inch of water, add the mussels, and boil for ten minutes or so. Put the mussels on a plate, pour the broth in a bowl with some lemon juice, have some good bread handy, and enjoy a great meal.

Thank you, Phil, for providing such a treat to people around Brunswick!