Crescent City Supported Fisheries

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Louisiana Seafood CSF: Support Our Local Fishers during Lent

CCFM announces a new Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) program. Sign up to get the freshest catch March 10 - April 21, 2011.

Crescent City Supported Fisheries

Our Crescent City Supported Fisheries program is a great way to support Louisiana fishing families and enjoy fresh caught, local seafood during Lent. Pay in advance for for one or more "shares" of Pete & Clara Gerica's catch. Pick up weekly shares at our Thursday evening Mid-City CCFM for Lenten Friday fish frys, shrimp boils, seafood poboys, Creoles & Gulf Coast cooking.


Crescent City Farmers Market - Mid-City
3700 Orleans Ave. at the Bayou American Can parking lot
New Orleans, LA 70119
CSF info, Cost and Pickup info
Types of Seafood Available: 

You have the option to subscribe to an entire season or you can order a la carte (and purchase shares on selected weeks).There is a $40 savings for those who subscribe to the entire season. Each share is ample seafood — be it fish fillets, shrimp or crabmeat — for dinner for two. As is to be expected, there's also a little bit of lagniappe for others to join in. If feeding a family of four, it might be advisable to purchase two shares.

Weekly shares may include drum or sea bream fillets, head-on shrimp, hand-peeled shrimp or crabmeat.

Pickup Information: 

Pick Up Dates:

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Thursday, March 17, 2011
Thursday, March 24, 2011
Thursday, March 31, 2011
Thursday, April 7, 2011
Thursday, April 14, 2011
Thursday, April 21, 2011