Fleet Vision Pledge

...for a diverse New England fishing fleet

...for an economically viable New England fishing fleet

...for an environmentally sustainable New England fishing fleet

...for a fishing fleet that is managed through a participatory governance structure.


Please drop us a note below to show your support for the vision.

The Fleet Vision was born out of a 2-year-long community visioning process. Over 200 diverse stakeholders joined together to offer a path forward for the long-term future of New England fisheries and coastal communities. Read more

We asked 1,000 of you to sign on to support the call for a fleet vision and you came through! Recently, we submitted a petition with nearly 1,400 signatures to the New England Fisheries Management Council. Read more about how the vision is now helping trasform fisheries policy.

We are calling on you again to help spread the word and encourage your networks to take action and pledge support to set fisheries management on course. Time for a revolOcean!






If you are a FISHERMAN

  • Sign the Pledge to show your support 
  • Join the Fish Locally Collaborative (FLC)
  • Work with the FLC to transform both fisheries policies and markets for seafood.


If you are a FISH CONSUMER

  • Sign the Pledge to show your support
  • Join a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) near you.
  • If there are no CSFs near you, help start up a CSF and support your local fishermen.
  • Get to know your local fishermen and buy local‐sustainably caught seafood.


If you are a POLICY MAKER

  • Adopt the outcomes of the Fleet Vision Project
  • Use the Fleet Vision Project outcomes as a base point for all future decision making


To sign this pledge, email Brett Tolley at brett@namanet.org or sign by commenting below.

We MUST NOT do to our oceans what we have done to our land.

We support the Fleet Vision Project.

Hans and Laura Claesson
Lexington, MA

I support the Fleet Vision and thank you for all the work your organization does to protect our precious ocean and fisheries.

-Pat Josselyn, CSF Participant, Beach Lover and Seafood lover

-Tsar Fedorsky, Gloucester, MA

I totally support the Fleet Vision and it's goals.
-Ted Hoskins

We will forever support Fishermen and the Fleet Vision Project.

And, as a consumer, will help in the support of a local CSF!

Morgan Parker, Plymouth MA

I support the Fleet Vision Project even though I live on the other side of the Atlantic. Because it is ingenious, caring, inspiring, and hopeful and gosh we need hope.
dpaAthena Lambrinidou, Athens, Greece

I support the Fleet Vision Project and our local fishermen!

Theresa Smith
Somerville, MA

I support the Fleet Vision Project.

Julie Murthy
Somerville, MA

I fully support local fishermen and this project.
Peter Burns
Harvard University

We support the Fleet Vision because we have seen what massive consolidation has done to farming on land --ecological damage and nutrient-poor food go hand-in-hand with "efficient" agribusiness.
Brad & Jamie Lichtenstein, Cambridge, MA

Nina Douglass, Boston

Olga Tumanyan, Peabody, MA

We strongly support the Fleet Vision Project.
Stuart and Dawn Tolley

Susan & Jay Michaud
F/V "International Harvester"
F/V "a touch of gray"
Marblehead, Massachusetts


Ann Molloy Gloucester, MA

Thank you. I support the Fleet Vision. People with no vision perish. We need to maintain our fishing fleet-small & large boat. Diversity is important to sustain our resources.

No to Catch Shares & groups like EDF, who are promoting ownership of fish. Catch Shares=Corporate Shares.

Mary Beth de Poutiloff

Emily Currier
Wakefield, MA

Thank you to those whose thoughtful work and commitment to the process have produced this cohesive vision. Sara Zoe Patterson, Seacoast Eat Local, NH

Kate Muzzy, Maine

Harriet Whittington, ME

Priscilla & Jim Keene, Maine

Julius Luck, Maine

Brenda Fletcher, Downeast Maine

John & Besty Hewlette, Maine

Julie Russell, Downeast Maine

David Westphal, Maine

Patricia Ryan, ME

Susan West

I support the Fleet Vision project, particularly in its goal of a smaller-scale, environmentally sustainable New England fishery.

While working to preserve our fisheries, we also need to do everything we can to protect the natural resource that is our region's seafood, to harvest it sustainably, and to care for water quality and health. We need to take an ecosystem-wide view of the ocean and seek to truly understand our actions when we catch and eat fish, being honest and diligent with ourselves and one another, while finding ways to keep fishing rights in our communities and fish on our tables.

There is nothing like fresh fish. Support your local fishermen! Martha Valleriani

Toshi J Jelmberg

Gordon Beck

Jane Disney

Brenlee Cartwright

Chris Mullen
Sullivan, ME

Denise Hue

Marc Chappe

for a job done well supporting a diversified fleet; I read the document whole, and was impressed by the scope of the project. If this is what's missing in the fisheries picture, signing the pledge should inform the process.

Meri Ratzel
Harwich, MA

The Fleet Vision Project is the best example of community-based visioning in U.S fishery management.

It provides a star in the sky to direct the course of New England's groundfish fishery.

I deeply hope the people of New England and their fishery management council adopt the vision and use this great work to help them steer a safe passage through the treacherous catch share waters they are about to enter.

Ben Bowman

Our family is a member of a CSF,
JoeAnn Hart, Gloucester Ma

Thomas Huber
Waltham, MA

I worked tirelessly for 12 years to make a difference in fisheries. Many of our ideas fell on deaf ears. The Fleet Vision Project was as comprehensive and detailed an effort as New England had ever seen. For once the Fisheries Managers had a vision, a goal handed to them from those they governed and yet chose to ignor it in favor of economic models that rewarded those who fished the most over those who scaled their operations back to sustainable levels. These actions are unforgiveable. I wish you all luck. I am the last Pendleton to fish out of Saco after a couple generations. Maybe, just maybe, if government will listen to the people, my grandchildren or my great grandchildren will have an opportunity to go to sea again.

My family is a member of a CSF and support what this project is attempting to do.

Janice Cosentino
Littleton, MA

and am a member of a local CSF.

Lissa McBurney
Arlington MA

We are members of a CSF and support the fleet vision.

Lelah&Mike Willoughby
Hudson, Massachusetts

Andrianna Natsoulas, Rhinecliff, NY

Walter Kumiega, Southwest Harbor, ME

I definitely support this initiative.