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Our Sustainable Seafood Guide is here!

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“We can’t shorten the lines to food banks without addressing the economic structures that don’t value people enough to provide for a living wage that ensures lives with dignity and enables us all to afford good food and pursue healthy lives. Our society isn’t designed to ensure the right the food. It’s high time we changed that if we are serious about ending hunger and good health.

Please keep an eye out as together with our allies we will work to bring our points of views to this process and ensure that we strive toward truly ending hunger by addressing the root causes and not just treating its symptoms.”

Read about the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, check out our Sustainable Seafood Guide, share our job posting, register for Local Catch Network’s Local Seafood Summit and more!

Download Sustainable Seafood Guide [PDF] NAMA Sustainable Seafood Guide_Final