#GivingTuesay Top Five Reasons to Give to our Seafood Throwdowns

2015 #GivingTuesday campaign

This blog comes from Cynthia Bush, NAMA’s Finance and Administrative Coordinator and Program Associate. Cynthia organizes our Seafood Throwdowns.

Join NAMA on December 1st by donating to our #GivingTuesday campaign. 

Making a difference, One Seafood Throwdown at a time!

Top Five Reasons to Give

#1 You help us talk through the tough issues. 

Threats to the health of our ocean and community based fishermen are on the rise. Seafood Throwdowns allow us a fun atmosphere to teach audiences tangible ways to do something about it and bring support to those who need it most.

Pic: Local Rhode Island fisherman Katie Eagan shares about how, where, and when she caught her fish. Plus the values she brings to her business.

#2 You help us go deeper around sustainable seafood.

Traditional ways of thinking about sustainable seafood haven’t gotten us where we need to go. So we’re going deeper to share the ecological, social, food system and economic importance of locally caught seafood and community based small and medium scale fishermen.

Pic: Student food activists share why they care about locally caught seafood in the first ever youth-led Seafood Throwdown at the New Hampshire Fishtival.

#3 You help us take action. 

It ain’t just about selling seafood. It’s about transforming fisheries and ocean policies and educating the public, whether that means by signing petitions, creating video testimony, or growing our Fish Locally Collaborative network.

Pic: The late Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston surrounded by local chefs who participated in a Seafood Throwdown, publicly announces local seafood’s return to the city’s farmers’ markets after a 70+ year prohibition!

#4 You help us build community. 

Every wave starts with a tiny ripple. Through the aromas, flavors, sounds, and stories, these events create the ripples of the revol-ocean.  

Pic: The young farm apprentices from the Conetoe Familly Life Center strengthen connections between the Hatteras Island fishing community and the mainland African American farming communities at the Day at the Docks Seafood Throwdown in North Carolina. 

#5 You help us raise awareness about abundance of species.

Our Mystery Fish teaches each community about what’s local and what’s abundant.

Pic: Local fisherman Phil Michaud shows his local catch to the crowd. Dogfish! Most most folks had never seen or heard of a dogfish. And our chefs were pretty much in the same boat. After the tastes, smells, and stories, folks were excited to try local dogfish.

Please partner with us in reaching our goal of $10,000 and exciting 500,000 more people that will stand up with us. Without your help we can’t be in as many communities as we are invited. You can make it happen!

What is a Seafood Throwdown You ask?

A Seafood Throwdown is a friendly cooking competition. We bring together local chefs, fishermen, locally caught seafood, hometown celebrities, and community to learn about the threats to our ocean and our fisheries, finding real tangible ways to do something about it.  

Making a difference, One Seafood Throwdown at a time!