Profit Over People Doesn’t Help the Fish

By Megan Rynne, guest blogger
Boston MA

Note: This letter was addressed to New England fisheries decision-makers regarding Amendment 18 to the groundfish plan. We encourage everyone to join Megan by submitting your own comments in support of fleet diversity. Click here to learn how.

To the New England Fisheries Management Council,

I oppose the no-action alternative option under A18 because the loss of fleet diversity is a major problem facing the New England fleet. Loss of fleet diversity affects me because I am a New England Coastal resident, I care about working class families more than cost-cutting corporations who focus on only bottom-line and are blind to the resources from which they base their bottom-lines, and I respect the oceans and the marine life that support humans. I see consolidation as a problem because the big will get bigger and the fish will deplete and the autonomy of fishermen will disappear.

A range of actions can be implemented that can address alternatives B-F. I recommend that Amendment 18 include measures to achieve the following goals related to fleet diversity: large corporate fishing boats be limited to specific areas separate from smaller fishing boats and fish caught locally by small boat fishermen be supported by marketing programs highlighting their local, small business, catch.

Thank you,
Megan Rynne

Thank you Megan for sharing your comments. We encourage everyone who, like Megan believes fleet diversity matters, to submit your own comments as part of a public comment period. Click HERE for help on e-mail comments. Every comment counts!