What we’re reading now

Chefs can introduce us to plenty of other fish in the sea; and our pal Jared is one guy who can get it to them (or to you, too). 

Splitlips. (One benefit of a great CSF: learning all of the names for different seafood species. Splitlips=one of at least 7 names for redfish)

An infographic on how climate change will alter the food system in general and fisheries specifically. And wondering how warming temps might affect fisheries in the Arctic

Hey, home cooks! Cooking/eating more seafood during Lent? Try clams, mussels, and tuna noodle surprise (yes!) Or anchovies. Or you can pay a visit to The World’s Greatest Feminist Fishmonger. Mmm, pickled herring.

More plastic than fish larvae? Gross. Also troublesome. What the marshmallow experiment can help us understand about marine conservation globally

Into sharks? You’ll like this

We discovered Upwell this past week. Tip of the hat for being a great source of fun fishy information.