How to Market Your CSF

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  • Sign up consumers: Host signup times at central locations, such as a farmers’ market, town center, or church.  This is a good way for potential shareholders to meet you and ask questions.  CSF’s require members to invest in you, and getting to meet you is an important incentive in deciding to join.  To attract interest, have samples available for tasting or do a filleting demo during the designated sign up time.  Working with local chefs to create a “Seafood Throwdown” at farmer’s markets is one fun way to generate excitement and interest.
  • Advertise when shareholders can meet you to sign up.  Some communities offer a combined CSA & CSF fair in late winter to allow potential shareholders meet farmers and fishermen and find the shares that fit them best.  See NAMA’s website at for times and locations of such opportunities. You can also distribute flyers at farmers markets, local businesses and churches. Be sure to get permission to post your flyers first! Many churches actively support their local community and practice environmental stewardship.  Ask about giving a short talk at a coffee hour or environmental group meeting.  Talk to health food shops, local food stores or food co-ops.  They may allow you to post information if your CSF won’t compete with their sales. If there is a company that employs a lot of people in your community, they may distribute information about your CSF and may host the drop off point if enough employees are interested.  And don’t forget: your shareholders are your best advertising tool!
  • Be accessible:  Be sure to include all of your CSF and contact information in your flyers. Include a web address if you have one. If you don’t have a website where shareholders can go to print a sign up form or get general information about your CSF, NAMA can provide a webpage for you at no charge.  To learn more, contact or 207-284-5374.
    • Communicate with your shareholders during the season.  Keep in mind that you want your shareholders to enjoy the experience of having access to fresh fish and to feel that they have made a connection to the fishing community. Then they are more likely to be loyal and sign up for additional seasons. Answering
      questions, telling stories about fishing or your fellow fishermen, explaining when changes are made, help reinforce that bond.