MEFTI & Farm to School Network Logos

2018 Maine Farm to Institution Summit


MEFTI & Farm to School Network Logos

The Maine Farm to Institution Summit is designed to inspire and energize the network through sharing best practices and innovative strategies; enhancing network capacity through skill building; and strengthening collective impact by engaging food producers, educators, decision-makers, leaders, and policymakers in shared problem-solving.

We hope that the Summit will allow participants to be able to:

  1. Develop new skills that will enhance their effectiveness
  2. Develop new partnerships that have worked in other communities
  3. Connect to local, state, and federal policymakers to support farm to institution efforts
  4. Inspire each other to set and achieve bolder goals for our food system
  5. Frame farm to institution in new ways to connect with a broader audience
  6. Clearly understand the need for and relevancy of farm to institution in our state.