American Sustainable Business Council 6th Annual Summit – SustyBiz17 


Susty2017Don’t miss this exciting national conference in the Capitol. Hear inspiring leaders, discover innovative solutions, network with like-minded businesspeople, meet policymakers, get an insider’s view of how public policy gets made and learn how you can make a difference. Senator Bernie Sanders will speakRegister today.

Successful businesses use facts, face reality, value resources, support talent, demand results— and we expect the same from our government. 

So why is government acting as if threats to our economy will go away if we ignore them? Because the message of “what business wants” has been hijacked by irresponsible, unsustainable special interests. And too many policymakers follow them, choosing deep pockets instead of deep thinking. For the rest of America’s companies, outcomes range from costly to catastrophic.

If you’re like most business leaders, you’re pretty independent, so you may feel alone in your frustration with what’s going on these days.  But actually, you’re in good company. And you’ll experience that at SustyBiz17. 

Highlighted Session:

Strategic Reforms for Strengthening our Democracy and 
Making Government Work Better 

In an era of declining trust in major institutions, low voter turnout and excessive money in politics, sustainable business leaders must advocate for democratic processes and structural reforms. Special interest money in politics completely distorts not just our system of government – but also our economy and sense of community. A well functioning, transparent government is good for business, regardless of who controls the White House. The panel will discuss initiatives to make it easier to vote, ways to encourage bipartisanship, end gerrymandering and lower barriers to independents running for office.  


  • John Pudner, Republican campaign strategist and President of Take Back Our Republic
  • Sarah Bonk, Co-Founder, Disrupt DC
  • Bill Shireman, CEO, Future 500
  • Wendy Weisner, Brennan Center for Social Justice

Hundreds of business leaders who understand the interdependence of people, planet and profit convene at SustyBiz. It’s America’s leading forum for connecting Triple Bottom Line firms with policymakers on both sides of the aisle. Together, we explore how we can use public policy and market dynamics to build a more sustainable economy.  Because—for humanity and the planet—there’s no alternative to sustainability!

At this year’s Summit, you will:

  • Hear first-hand from some of America’s most innovative business leaders on how they manage (literally) to be both sustainable and successful in conventional terms
  • Find out how members of Congress and the Trump Administration see the issues, and what think-tank and media pundits think will happen
  • Learn how to drive positive change in Washington and your state capital 
  • Build your network of other sustainable business leaders as potential vendors, partners, advisors and friends
  • Explore the power of business and employee activism, the benefits of inclusive capitalism, the steps to achieving a high-road workplace culture, and more
  • Be part of a growing business movement for positive change.

Public policy decisions (or lack of them) already impact your life and your business. So whether your company is large or small; established or new; publicly traded, privately held or B Corps; you need to be at SustyBiz17.    

People in government say they listen to business—and you’re just the right kind of leader to make sure they do. The stakes have never been higher, so please join us at SustyBiz17, and help us give government the real message of “what business wants.”