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Common Ground Country Fair Seafood Throwdown



commonground fair Were Back! We are having a Seafood Throwdown at this amazing country fair in Unity Maine. Come join us and learn more about those underappreciated fish. Watch the chefs create beautiful dishes using local seafood and local produce! Experience the smells and join in on the tasting of this mystery seafood. We will be at the Country Kitchen Demo section of the Common Ground Fair, come on down and support your local fishermen, and farmers. and meet two local chefs that will be competing against each other in this friendly cooking competition; Genevieve MacDonald of Chix Who Fish will be going head to head with Chef Dede’ Sylvester of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems.

Emcee Keith Hebert will be giving you a play by play of all the action at this Seafood Throwdown. He is a musician, a comedian, and works for The Browne Trading Company of Maine which has been in the fish and caviar trade for generations, providing the freshest fish, handcrafted smoked seafood and the finest caviar to restaurants throughout the United States. Keith just recorded a new album to be coming out in time for the holidays. Come check him out, and learn where he will be playing in near future.

The Chefs dishes will be scored by three judges: Patrick Shepard with Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries; He was raised in a fishing family, starting a fishing business with his brother Matt at 8 years old. He has a B.S. in Marine Affairs from the University of RI. Pat is the Manager of the Northeast Coastal Communities Sector, an organization of small scale hook fishermen in the groundfish fishery. If you have a question; he will have an answer.

Amanda Beal who is on the Board of NAMA and MOFGA and the Executive Director of Main Farmland Trust; she knows what’s going on in your community, if you have a question just ask her!

Paul Molyneaux of Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is also a fishermen, he will know all about that MYSTERY FISH. Come and listen to him speak; he has first-hand encounters of what’s going on in our ocean. He has also published several critically acclaimed books on fisheries, The Doryman’s Reflection: A Fisherman’s Life; Swimming in Circles: Aquaculture and the End of Wild Oceans; and A Child’s Walk in the Wilderness.

Extra info about the Chef Dede-she is self-taught with 25 years’ experience in Food Service. She has been the Food Service Team Lead at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital for almost 10 years. She takes great pride in high quality, scratch meals. She is our humble chef, never quick to take credit and always seeking new food experiences. Dede lives in Bucksport with her husband Chris and two sons Quinn and Spencer.

Extra info about the Sous Chef; Barb earned a degree in Culinary Arts from Eastern Maine Community College. She has been in the Food Service Industry for 23 years. Barb has been at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital for 13 years, 8 years as the Food Service Director. Barb’s passion is changing the perception of hospital and institutional cooking to healthy, vibrant and healing meals. Her team has worked very hard to grow and develop a sustainable food service program. Barb lives in Blue Hill with her wife Rhonda, Son Nicholas and Daughter Ella Rose.

See You There…


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