FSNE Winter Series 4

FSNE Winter Series #4: Narrative Strategy: Building Narrative Power & Centering Impacted Voices

Jennifer Events

In addition to strengthening our regional network, centering racial equity, and embedding our shared values into the regional policy landscape, FSNE knows that employing strategic narrative and framing wisdom is a critical part of the culture change we need in order to transform our food system. Without shifting the way our region thinks about food and related systems, we will continue to struggle to shift actions and behaviors that are desperately needed now. 

Building narrative power often has two parts: 1) co-creating and deploying effective strategic framing and messaging by multiple groups, across many platforms over time and, 2) disrupting and de-powering the dominant narratives that actively harm people and places. How do we do that? How do we integrate this aspect of our work into the New England Food Vision?

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