FSNE Panelists

FSNE Winter Series Week 1: The Power of the Network


FSNE Panelists

As we grapple with pandemic disruptions; reckon with white supremacy, the legacy of colonialism, slavery and systemic racism; and face ever-growing challenges from the climate crisis, the importance of networks and movement building in our food system is growing.

What is the power of the networked approach at this time? 

What are the opportunities for building network momentum and network weaving? 

What are the risks of not being networked? 

How does a network turn into a movement?

Join us to hear from special guests about why food system networks matter in these challenging times, what opportunities exist for networks to make gains across food, farming and fishing sectors, and how we can best guide our collective efforts to impact this important work for food system justice, sustainability and resilience. 

Keynote by Noel Didla & Friends from the Mississippi Food Justice Collaborative. Panelists include:

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