Seafood Throwdown at MOFGA’s Common Ground County Fair


Wondering who won the Throwdown!?  Click here to view photos of the event.

Wondering who won the Throwdown!?  Click here to view photos of the event.

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s Common Ground Country Fair is all about what’s local to Maine.  This year, local seafood will take the stage at the Fair with a Seafood Throwdown featuring Chef Kerry Altiero of Café Miranda in Rockland and Chef Michael Greer of Badger Café in Union. Seafood Throwdowns are a community driven event to raise awareness about the environmental and economic benefits of locally caught seafood and community based fishermen.

At the Seafood Throwdown, Chefs Altiero and Greer will find out what the secret seafood ingredient of the day is, and then will be given $25 and 15 minutes to use the farmers market area of the fair as their pantry. They will then have one hour to prepare, cook and plate their dish for three judges. The chefs will also prepare enough to offer tastings to select group of fairgoers who received tickets at the beginning of the event.

Café Miranda has been operating since 1993, and was one of the first supporters of Port Clyde’s Fresh Catch Community Supported Fishery. The Badger Café is a casual cafe that supports small, local businesses for their fresh meats, cheeses, beer, wine, vegetables, and breads.
Join us at the Country Kitchen Demonstration Tent at 10am on Saturday, September 26th. You won’t want to miss it!
About Common Ground Country Fair, September 25th – Sept 27th: The Fair allows fairgoers to make connections with a rapidly expanding base of organic farms in the state of Maine. Hundreds of vendors, exhibitors and demonstrators, more than 1,000 volunteers, and tens of thousands of fairgoers will gather to: share knowledge about sustainable living; eat delicious, organic, Maine-grown food; buy and sell beautiful Maine crafts and useful agricultural products; compete in various activities; dance; sing and have a great time. For more information, visit their website.