Slow Fish: Crew Together Salmon, The Fish That Keeps Giving


Salmon, The Fish That Keeps Giving

This webinar focuses on the magic of salmon, an amazingly resilient fish that uniquely connects ocean to land. It has shaped ecosystems, cultures and communities on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts since time immemorial, and still plays a very prevalent role all along the North Pacific coast.

In many ways, the story of salmon mirrors the story of humans, and can give us valuable insight into our future, especially in these difficult Covid 19 times. Challenges are everywhere and the decisions we make now have long-term implications for all.

Through the story of those who live on the water and in communities that depend on salmon and know it intimately, this webinar hopes to get you hooked to this bountiful fish, and eager to join the effort of those on the front lines to save forests and rivers salmon thrive in … and in many ways, to save ourselves.

Recording now available here