Surf ‘n’ Turf: Can our seafood survive Big Ag and climate change?


As oceans warm, the types of seafood that predominate in our major fisheries are changing. At the same time, farm runoff is contributing to dead zones from the Gulf of Mexico to Long Island. Both of these issues – climate change and farming practices – affect the health of ocean ecosystems and, ultimately, the seafood that winds up on our plates. To support sustainable fisheries, changes will need to occur on farmland and in the sea, from the adoption of more sustainable farming methods to the re-establishment of offshore habitat. What will that mean for the notoriously picky American eater? Will they need to move beyond their familiar cod, shrimp and salmon, and embrace species that thrive in a warming climate – like jellyfish, green crabs, even sea robins – if the local seafood industry is to survive? Join experts – including NAMA’s Coordinating Director Niaz Dorry – and producers in a discussion to find out! Buy tickets here.FERN Pane