Spotlight CSF: Eastman’s Local Catch is Improving the Lives of Local Fishermen

Heading into their second CSF year husband and wife team Carolyn and Ed Eastman are enthusiastic. Carolyn and Ed founded Eastman’s Local Catch CSF because they wanted to do something different in the commercial fishing industry.  Carolyn’s background is in Education and Ed’s background is in commercial fishing. Ed has been a commercial fisherman for 25 years.  Together they began a mission to connect the local community and local fisherman through fresh, local fish.

Eastman’s Local Catch is proud that for each $10.00/lb CSF share, $5.00/lb goes directly to the fishermen.  In contrast to the average price fishermen receive on the auction which typically ranges from about $.60 – 1.00 /lb, Eastman’s Local Catch is certainly attracting attention.  “As the interest increases, so does the opportunity to bring in other boats and help as many fishermen as we can!” says Carolyn. 

In the face of management strategies that may drastically impact the livelihoods of many local fishermen Carolyn and Ed are doing everything they can to educate their local community.  Carolyn explains, “As we head into federal regulations this May, we face about a 70% reduction in what we can catch for the year.  By joining the CSF you are directly helping fishermen by allowing them to know how much they will get paid BEFORE they go fishing. They will be able to catch less fish and hopefully still make a living. Typically, fishermen never know what they will get paid until after they land their fish- they wait to see what they will get based on auction prices.”

Eastman’s Local Catch is connecting with local schools to discuss ideas like “Fish to Schools” where schools purchase locally caught fish. “This would be an opportunity to educate school staff and students about local fish and have fresh local fish then become a part of the regular school menu.  Great return to the schools and great for fishermen – a WIN-WIN!”, says Carolyn.

Eastman’s Local Catch is also building strong connections to local farmers and farmer’s markets.  “Ed and I have felt a strong connection with the farmers.  We harvest our own products and we have a similar work ethic.  We deeply respect their commitment to their work.  It is with great pride and respect that Ed and I are partnering with Heron Pond, New Roots , and Lasting Legacy Farms,” says Carolyn.

She also added, “We have said many times, that if it wasn’t for the farmers, we wouldn’t be here for a second season. I can say for myself, that I entered into the farmer’s market world not knowing a thing and quickly learned from the seasoned veterans at the various markets how to set up my tent and display my fish – we owe them a lot!  We are so proud of being a part of this group.”

Eastman’s Local Catch CSF is starting up the second week in June and there is still time to become a shareholder.  Visit Eastman’s Local Catch to sign up today!