A call for solidarity, reflections from DC, the upcoming FSNE challenge, and more!

To kick off the February 2023 newsletter I wanted to share a story about fisheries organizing and a sense of magic.
Earlier this month we traveled to DC with a dozen fishermen to advocate for better fish policy. Over my years with NAMA we’ve done this a handful of times. But this time was different. It was more powerful. It was even, dare I say, in the words of one of our indigenous leaders who attended, a bit magical.
Picture this. We had fishermen from every coast, who fish different gear types, on different size boats, catching many different species. We had old salts and next generation captains. We had folks of different cultures, racial backgrounds, political beliefs, and gender. All taking risk together. All having each other’s backs. And all speaking truth to power when it comes to fish policy and a vision toward a more just system. But it didn’t stop there… Read on.