Why I’m Fasting – NAMA Newsletter March 2, 2012



By Niaz Dorry
NAMA’s Coordinating Director
I’m starting a fast on Monday, March 5th as part of the Fast for Fair Food in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a community-based organization of mainly Latino, Mayan Indian and Haitian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout the state of Florida. 
Last time I fasted for a political reason was in 1992. I was living along the Ohio River in Chester, West Virginia; working with community advocates fighting the WTI Incinerator, the world’s largest toxic waste incinerator located across the river in East Liverpool, Ohio. For 44 days the work, not food, is what fed my body. I know the experience was spiritually and physically significant for all 25 of us who took part. Personally, I was humbled by the experience and knowing so many of my heroes had endured much more grueling fasts and hunger strikes to bring an end to injustices around the world.

Twenty years later, I find myself moved to fast again. I’m inspired by the work CIW and others are doing to bring justice to our food system. (Click here to read the whole newsletter)