Cape Ann Farmers Market Seafood Throwdown


DO YOU WANT to have an AMAZING EXPERIENCE? Come to Stage Fort Park to the right of the Gazebo, there you’ll find this SPOT that will wake up your 5 senses. Prepare to be tantalized! Together we will SEE the MYSTERY SEAFOOD being unveiled, a species you may never have seen before! Then you will HEAR what this wild species is, and if your brave enough you can come up and TOUCH it.  And as the chefs create their dishes the aroma fills the air, you can’t help but SMELL the tantalizing combination of all local ingredients coming together. But wait, the best is yet to come! Just as you can’t take it anymore and your stomach is growling, your mouth is watering, we give you a TASTE to savor all things local!

This Seafood Throwdown is a fun, friendly cooking competition so come on down to support your local producers and learn more about the seafood we eat, and how we can get that fresh local everything on our table to give us the healthiest options for ourselves and our families. 

The cast of characters in this Seafood Throwdown are pumped up and ready to entertain and engage the audience, while giving you a play by play of whats going down!  

The Chefs:  Addison Gilbert-Chef David Gauvin vs Common Crow Chef Mark Delaney

The Judges:  

Nancy Sullivan-from Cape Ann Nutritional Therapy
Sean Horgan – Fisheries reporter from Gloucester Daily Times
Martin Dagoberto- from Mass Critical

Seafood: Cape Ann Fresh Catch & Gloucester Fishermen Wives Association

TBD  How about you!