Block Corporate Salmon

Block Corporate Salmon aims to halt genetically engineered salmon. Biotech giant AquaBounty Technologies has concocted a salmon species that bypasses indigenous rights and could ravage wild fish salmon populations. Meanwhile, global food corporations like Cargill are spending big money to pass the AQUAA Act so dirty, industrial fish farms get unchecked access to federal waters.

Don't Cage Our Oceans

Mega-corporations are doing everything they can to get permits and start building massive, offshore industrial fish farms in federal ocean waters. A Trump-era executive order could make their wishes come true if Biden does not revoke it. Our coalition is fighting this order and other ongoing legislative threats, including the AQUAA Act.

Anchors in Action

​​Put your money where your mouth is! Anchors in Action is shifting hundreds of millions of dollars in food purchasing power to a more just food system by connecting institutions directly to healthy, ethical food producers. This alliance represents thousands of food-buying institutions, including hospitals, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and public institutions.

Catch Share Reform Coalition

NAMA is working with a coalition of fishermen and coastal community stakeholders across the nation to highlight the problems created by the privatization of fishing rights through the implementation of catch share programs.