Unity, ME – Seafood Throwdown at the Common Ground Country Fair




Come down and be with us at this great fair and help drive home the importance of locally caught seafood and learn about the plight of community based fishermen.  The event is free to the public and is sponsored by Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and Penobscot East Resource Center. Its purpose is to educate the audience about the state of our fishing communities, the health of the ocean, and the importance of under-appreciated species using locally caught seafood.

Bobby Will from Fathom restaurant in Bar Harbor will go up against Cassady Pappas from Havana also of Bar Harbor.

Bobby has spent the past 15 years in professional kitchens in the Boston and New York State area. “My focus has always been driven towards seasonal, farm to table cooking. My menus are very seafood heavy and as best as possible I always seek the off the grid, underutilized fish.

Cassady has a rich culinary background as well. At Havana, he prepares local seafood, vegetarian and meat dishes with a Latin flair and an eye toward sustainability. Cassady consistently seeks out New England farmers and fishermen to purchase products that taste great, and are great for the environment and local economy.

While they work, Emcee Patrick Shepard of Stonington-based Penobscot East Resource Center will be keeping the mic alive with a host of special guests.
Also on deck for interviews will be the panel of judges: Amanda Beal – Sustainable Food Systems Research and Policy Consultant and NAMA board member, Jennifer Obadia – Sustainable Food Systems Consultant working with Health Care Without Harm, Tim Goltz – Administrator at Lincoln County General Hospital, and Aaron Dority – Federal Policy Director at Penobscot East.

Seafood Throwdowns are designed to be fun events that help the public understand the ecological, social, food system, and economic importance of locally caught seafood and community-based fisheries.
For more information, please contact Patrick Shepard at 207-367-2708, or Cynthia Bush at 978-281-6934