Fishermen and Local Community Talk Fish

Nourish restaurant in Lexington, MA brought local fishermen and fisherwoman together with members of the community to talk fish.  Community folks learned why some of our local fishermen fish, what inspires them, what fishing means to them and their families, and how they are working to make sure they put food on our table while leaving the smallest footprint on the ocean.  On the menu was locally and sustainably caught Monkfish. Mmmm.

“The event was great.  Locals have a chance to ask the fishermen and their families about fishing practices, their worries, and we learn about some of the misconceptions out in the general public and what consumers want from us.  This allows us to have a conversation that isn’t filled with media spin or complicated language, to allow everyone to understand what’s going on with local seafood. Definitely do more of these events!”, said Carolyn Eastman who along with her husband founded Eastman’s Fresh Catch CSF.

Click below and get to know some of the local fishermen who attended the event.

Shareen Davis
BG Brown
Ed Barrett
Carolyn Eastman
Paul Metivier

“I think it’s really important to make the effort to bring people together to learn about the challenges and opportunities that exist in changing our food system.  As a restaurant owner I feel a great responsibility to connect to other local food suppliers and work to provide information to my customers so that they are able to make educated decisions about these complex issues whether they are in a restaurant environment or grocery shopping”, said Nourish Restaurant owner Karen Masterson.