Diving into Bluewashing!

Our coalition Don’t Cage our Oceans organized a membership gathering in DC last week and to borrow a phrase that you might hear during a March Madness basketball game, we were “in the zone”. 

We visited 21 congressional offices, we made plans for the year, and we advanced a key piece of legislation that will boost local and regional seafood supply chains (for both wild-caught and farmed seafood) while blocking factory fish farms on the ocean. Overall a successful event. 

But this one felt extra special. And no, not because it was peak cherry blossom season (which was actually pretty spectacular). It was because of fishing community leaders like Ronalda Angasan of Alaska Village Initiatives, Leo Wassillie of Salmonberry Tribal Associates, and Ryan Horwath of Pacific Cloud Seafoods. Or chef leaders like Colette Nelson of Ludvig’s Bistro and Dana Honn of Carmo. And many others from our 53-member coalition representing 4.5 million people in every state across the U.S. 

We came to the table with a solution bill. We had a well organized coalition behind us. We spoke truth to power with authenticity, relevancy, and a tremendous amount of team synergy. We were in the zone. Ocean-size gratitude to all our team and the coalition for all the hard work and dedication. Click here to learn more about Don’t Cage our Oceans and get involved. Plus follow on social media.

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