seafood throwdown

Since 2008, Seafood Throwdowns™ have proven to be fun, educational and community driven events to promote public awareness of what it really means to have sustainable seafood. A Seafood Throwdown™ engages the larger community in issues affecting our ocean, fishing communities, and sustainable fisheries.

Seafood Throwdown™ was the brainchild of the partnership between the Cape Ann Farmers Market and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) as a way of raising awareness and promoting the ecological and economic importance of locally caught seafood, building a broader base of support for efforts to transform fisheries and ocean policies, and gauging community’s interest in Community Supported Fisheries (CSF).

The fight to take our ocean back from industrial scale fisheries isn’t a solo endeavor and we can’t ask the fishermen to carry the weight all by themselves. We wanted to build a broader base of support for efforts to transform fisheries and ocean policies towards ones that are truly sustainable for the long haul.

But what we didn’t want to do was set up a table hoping people would walk up and pick up our information or talk with us. We wanted to create an event that people couldn’t help but want to walk up and hear more about what was going on.&

That’s exactly what Seafood Throwdowns™ have done. The aromas, action, energy and conversations that spark once a Seafood Throwdown starts bring people in. The audience learns about the threats to our ocean and fisheries, and find real tangible ways to do something about them.

Today what started out as a Gloucester event has become a popular event throughout the region. To date, Seafood Throwdowns™ were held far and wide including Halifax, NS, Bronx, NY, Anchorage, AK, St. Paul, MN, Mahattan, NY, Portsmouth, NH, Unity, ME, Boston and New Bedford, MA, Providence, RI, Brooklyn, NY, and Hatteras, NC just to name a few. There was even a pesudo-Throwdown in Cornwall, UK!

Watch videos, see photos, check out the Seafood Throwdown Baitbox, and learn more about past Seafood Throwdowns by visiting NAMA in the Press and NAMA Press Releases.

To find out more or to schedule a Seafood Throwdown™, please contact us at Cynthia or call our NAMA Headquarters at 978-865-3178 for more information.